Amazing Mountain Residence with Spectacular Views: La Campana House

Amazing Mountain Residence with Spectacular Views: La Campana House

Designed by Alejandro Dumay Claro and Francisco Vergara Arthur, this amazing looking residence is located in Ocoa, Chile, in a spectacular mountain valley.  “La Campana House” was meant to bring the fabulous landscape indoors and also to create common spaces where the family members would interact and spend time together. The living room, kitchen and the outdoor covered patio have a unique and warm feel, perfect for socializing. You are looking at a home that is not only beautiful and inviting, but also sustainable.The residence is equipped with solar panels and was build using “green” materials, such as Trombe walls allowing cross circulation of air. Floor to ceiling windows bathe the interiors in natural light and together with the friendly wood, creates a very peaceful atmosphere. The interiors are bright and tasteful, combining charming rustic elements with modern design ideas.


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