August 2010 -

20 Ways Wood Will Beautify Your Home

Warm, organic textures and materials are what people love around them in their homes.  Wood is the perfect natural material that brings nature into your home and commands respect at the same time.  Regardless of your decorating style, there is a wood that meets your comfort level and will symbolize strength and tranquility simultaneously. From […]

Corocotta Table by Jason Phillips Design

Designed by Jason Phillips Design the Corocotta Table is a concept that employs solid wood end cuts from furniture production and links them together in a twisting configuration that accepts a glass top and can be used as a cocktail table. Measuring 54x30x17”h, the piece is supported by a steel armature that is threaded through […]

Mind-blowing Houseboat Living in the Middle of Hamburg, Germany

Living on water is so exotic and so unusual that more and more people are willing to give it a try. This mind-blowing residence comes from Rost Niderehe Architects and combines the comfort of a modern home with the shape and eccentricity of living on a boat. We think the most fascinating aspect of this […]

Beam Light, the Upside-Down Table Lamp

As we were looking over some fresh ideas to share with you, this Beam Light created by Swedish designer Johan Carpner caught our attention. After all, it isn’t every day that you see an upside-down table lamp suspended from the ceiling. This unusual looking pendant lamp features a functional hinge that allows its user to […]

Colman Triplex, Daring Contemporary Architecture in Seattle

From Workshop Architecture|Design, this impressive building houses three apartments with views of downtown Seattle. The Colman Triplex was built following a few “rules” imposed by the customers. First of all, the project had to be constructed while obeying strict area limitations. The individual dwellings had to vary and feature a good indoor/outdoor connection. The outcome […]

Freshome Reader Help: Decor Ideas for Apartment

RAYMOND: Currently I just bought new apartment, it will be empty without furniture when handed to me. Since its just 30m2, I don’t have much room for bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The developer allow only to change the layout without change wall’s structure. Could you share your ideas how it should be re-decorated? For […]

Sumptuous Open Air Sculpture Residence in Warsaw

Here is a sumptuous project that can be considered a true showcase of modern living. “Open Air Sculpture” Residence was designed by Marek Rytych Architekt and is located in Warsaw, Poland. The first striking fact when looking at this home is its size. Here is some relevant information about its structure from the architects:”The house […]

Interview: Interior Design Attitudes with Magdalena Keck

We ran across Magdalena Keck‘s portfolio a while ago, when we featured some of her work on Freshome. We decided to forward our 15 question interview to her as a challenge and she kindly replied. We received some strong and determined answers which unriddle an impressive experience as an interior designer. And if they were […]

Chillout Sessions XII Disc Release, a Tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright

Ministry of Sound Australia recently released its newest chillout collection featuring various music tracks, from “laidback acoustic tunes to hip future-disco beats”. We consider that the advertising campaign behind the launch of Chillout Sessions XII is so cute and creative, that we just had to share it on Freshome. Designed by Andrew van der Westhuyzen, […]

Eye Catching Victorian Duplex in San Francisco

Envelope A+D from Oakland, USA recently renovated and redesigned this Victorian duplex located in Noe Valley, San Francisco. With an interesting black exterior, these stacked apartments could remind one of the Adams Family. We imagine this house looks quite unusual when correlated to its neighborhood context, but this is far from being a negative aspect. […]

6 Benefits of Having a Great Kitchen Island

In every kitchen there is the potential for great storage, display, and functionality. The sad fact is all kitchens don’t have enough of any of these. A kitchen island solves these problems and looks beautiful doing it.  From mobile islands to seating area kitchen islands, the amenity of having one or two in your kitchen […]

Red Nest, an Incredible 23 Square Meter Apartment in Paris

Space maximization is a growing trend lately in apartment design. Countries like China or Japan make enormous efforts to come up with ideas for small places due to the fact that their urban population is increasing at a rate never encountered before. Today’s apartment however is located in Paris and comes from designer Paul Coudamy. […]

Modern Restaurant Design: Vesu in Walnut Creek, California

From Arcsine Architecture and Bellusci Design comes the stylish Vesu Restaurant located in Walnut Creek, near San Francisco, California. Situated in the center of this small town, in a competitive environment, the new building is meant to attract and surprise. With an inviting, slick exterior and an even more impressive interior design, this restaurant seems […]

40 Best Money Saving Decorating Ideas for Your Home

One of the hardest facts about owning a home is that you can’t always afford how expensive your décor taste is! There are ways to cut corners, and still get fantastic ideas for your home.  Wouldn’t you love to find ways in your everyday life to save money and get wonderful décor ideas? Here are […]

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