Guerrilla Trench Set: Transforming Military Life into a Child's Play

Guerrilla Trench Set: Transforming Military Life into a Child’s Play

From RS Barcelona, this amazing pillow-trench set comes to revolutionize the look of a children’s room.  The Guerrilla collection consists of six connected items which resemble military trenches. At a first glance its true purpose is not revealed. However, when unzipped, small toy drawers are visible and can be easily accessed. This is a major helper for parents who no longer have to clean up after the children play, but teach the kids how to put the toys together in a fun and interactive way. The unusual set can also be used for climbing, playing hide-and-sick and who knows how many other ways of interaction kids can find. When the set is packed up, it looks like a bunch of regular pillows stacked together. Nice.-via decoracion 2.0


  • Brook M May 8, 2010 at 10:30 AMLogin to Reply →

    Nice design but I am surprised that the designers didn’t imagine drawers with round corners. Even under a pillow the sharp angle of the drawer can be dangerous

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