Sewer Mats Made From Recycled Truck Tires

Have you ever considered having a really wacky carpet in your home? Designed by Jason Amendolara,these sewer mats- that’s right, this is what they’re called- are certain to spice up a dull entrance. They can be used as welcoming carpets, but no one says they can not be integrated in a room’s interior design. In fact, having more of them on the same floor could create a fun street theme. The indoor/outdoor mats measure 24″ in diameter, are made from recycled truck tires and are being sold online for the sum of $25. We found a purchasing place here. The graphics include reproductions of some of the world’s famous city sewers (funny, huh?) like Paris, London, Chicago and so on. What do you think- really cool, really crazy or both?

door mat feet 10 Sewer Mats Made From Recycled Truck Tires

feetfirst24 Sewer Mats Made From Recycled Truck Tires

door mats feet 1 Sewer Mats Made From Recycled Truck Tires

door mat feet 101 Sewer Mats Made From Recycled Truck Tires

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  1. grammar nazi said:
    March 22, 2010

    Lavina, invest in either a spellchecker or a grammar teacher… seriously.

  2. Lavinia said:
    March 22, 2010

    grammar nazi :) Thank you for your advice, I’m investing as we speak and closely watching my grammar behavior.

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