Unusual Bookcase: Book Cell, A Building Made Entirely Out of Books

Unusual Bookcase: Book Cell, A Building Made Entirely Out of Books

How about some architecture fun with books? As kids, most of you probably took some of your parents’ books and built little blocks around your room. Book Cell is a project which belongs to artist Matej Kren from Slovakia and it features an unusual bookcase. The designer initially made an octagonal frame which he then filled with books. Finally, he removed the framework and Book Cell was created. As you can see, the books are perfectly lined up, making it pretty hard to extract any of them. The unusual construction was presented at the Modern Art Center in Portugal. It is obviously not a very practical thing to have around, but the overall idea is fun, which is why we decided to share it with you guys.  -via Inhabitat

  • bookcell-ed02
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  • bookcell-lead01
  • book-octogon

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