Hungry for Some Indoor Tennis? Meet the Racket Chair

Hungry for Some Indoor Tennis? Meet the Racket Chair

If you’re a tennis maniac or just a humble fan, this chair is for you. Designed by Vestergaard Jensen and manufactured by Søren Horn, it’s shape reminds one of a tennis racket. And not only the form of this chair can make a person hungry for sports, but also a few particular elements, such as the cushion shaped like a ball attached to the back of the chair or the fish line material. Teak and leather were also used in transforming the design into reality. You should probably know this is a limited edition product, there is only one available  and the price can be given at request here. The item is 113 centimeters high and has a width of 74 centimeters,which makes it pretty “visible” around the room. Do you think any other changes should be made to such a design in order to better resemble a tennis racket? We think they did a pretty good job.

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