Original Sinks With Decorative Patterns

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Kohler is a design company creating and selling kitchen and bathroom items worldwide. For today we would like to show you these unusual sinks, which we hope will give you an idea of a fresh way to improve how your bathroom looks. Using vivid colours (mostly red, yellow and green), art patterns were applied to the surface of these sinks upgrading them to another level. These are not the only bathroom products that were “tuned”,¬† but the company applied patterns to bathtubs and walls also. We like most of the designs, even though some of them may appear to be a bit flashy. However, they are a great idea for those times people need a drastic change in their bathroom. Would you go for them?


  • [...] Today we want to introduce the sinks are not as usual, but sinks with decorative patterns, we wanted something on the renewal of your bathroom. Using bright colors (especially red, yellow and green), the pattern of applied arts at the surface, they sink to upgrade to another level. It’s not just the bathroom products that “look”, but the company applied to the pattern of the tub and walls as well. We like most of the design, although some of them may seem a bit flashy. However, they are a good idea for the times when people need a drastic change in their bathroom. This product was created by a design company called Kohler. For more information visit here [...]

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