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“We Are Family” Sofa for Six

The collaboration between Claus Molgaard (engineer) and Ole Jensen (designer) led to creating this very useful bed set that is suggestively called  “we are family”.  With this one sofa the accommodation of six people is possible. The set comes with plenty of blankets and pillows so there will be no need for extra sheets and whatnot. Simply spread them around your apartment in case of “emergencies” such as an unexpected party and have your guests sleeping in good conditions. A great idea for saving space, this can also be applied when in comes to student dorms for example. The materials used were un-refined bamboo and cotton. For more information or for purchasing this product you can contact the designer here.

notman03 We Are Family Sofa for Six notman02 We Are Family Sofa for Six notman01 We Are Family Sofa for Six

Orikami Sofa

notman04 We Are Family Sofa for Six

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  1. raane said:
    October 2, 2009

    The bamboo would last about one day at my house, especially if anyone actually wanted to lean back on it. It is a great idea, though. I’d love to see it in stainless steel or sturdy wood.

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