Multi-functional Bathroom Accessory by David Goss

Multi-functional Bathroom Accessory by David Goss

Arc Basin Mixer & Mirror Storage by David Goss is an interesting idea that combines three functions into one simple, discreet unit. This multi-functional bathroom accessory that besides providing with water to help you wash your hands lets you store your stuff. A wide (but controlled) plane of water emerges, momentarily extending the arc beyond its metallic form. The mirror pivots along one edge to reveal a concealed storage cabinet. Arc strikes a balance between form and function, highlighting both the preciousness and scarcity of this rich resource, and highlighting the elemental beauty inherent in cascading water. For now this idea is just a concept, but I have to admit that it looks pretty amazing don’t you think ? – Via – Hometone

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  • DUDYE September 11, 2009 at 14:44 PM Login to Reply →

    yeah you’re right, the design is rather cool. I always get excited when multi-functional furniture and accessories are designed, because it really is something we have need, as our homes seems to get smaller.