Space-Saving Sliding Kitchen Cabinet System

Space-Saving Sliding Kitchen Cabinet System

Lift is a new kitchen concept designed by Michel Cornu that fulfils our daily needs for modular and dynamic systems. At a closer look we can see that these shelves are part of dynamic space-saving interior design system that maximizes function through movable wall units. Tucked between layers of sliding cabinetry, the essentials cooking can be found hidden at the core: stove, oven, faucet, sink with a preparation surface in between and a refrigerator to one side. When not in use, the constituent elements can be slid up and down to move them out of the way and create varying layouts and spatial configurations. To bad that this idea is just a concept for now. – Via – Dornob

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  • Michael July 24, 2009 at 17:01 PMLogin to Reply →

    Hmmm… while the idea might be attractive, I am not sure just how practical this design would be given the nature of the sliders. If anything heavy is placed in those shelves and items accumulate, I do not see how the ‘lift system’ would be able to hold the weight and instead it would drop. However, if this does work, it allows for readjusting your kitchen, although most people would probably never do that except maybe once every ten years.

    So it’s an attractive ideal, but I would imagine impractical due to the costs and design involved. Nonetheless, A+ for simplicity in design and functionality!