Transparent Ball Chair or Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnio

Transparent Ball Chair or Bubble Chair by Eero Aarnio

I’m pretty sure that you saw this chiar before in a music video, advertising or in a Fashion magazine. Based on the idea of the Ball Chair the Bubble Chair is a reduction of this design. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said: Less is more! A masterpiece of reduction. Here are a few words from Aarnio (the designer of this chair), on how he came up with the idea : “After I had made the Ball Chair I wanted to have the light inside it and so I had the idea of a transparent ball where light comes from all directions. The only suitable material is acrylic which is heated and blown into shape like a soap bubble. Since I knew that the dome-shaped skylights are made in this way I contacted the manufacturer and asked if it would be technically possible to blow a bubble that is bigger than a hemisphere. The answer was yes. I had a steel ring made, the bubble was blown and cushions were added and the chair was ready. And again the name was obvious: BUBBLE.“- Via – 3rings


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    Eero Arnio was clearly obssessed by the idea of light travelling through space.Likewise wise Harry Bertoia in his Diamond chair.Through the bubble chair and the diamond chair,furniture designers of mid century established the foundation of modern classics furniture and mid century modern design.The two chairs are undeniably iconic and very elegant.