B-99 House: A fusion between the ancient and the modern!

B-99 House: A fusion between the ancient and the modern!

It is not very often that modern minimalist homes from India steal the show on a global stage, but the B-99 house looks so gorgeous that it could very well be a structure standing in the heart of Hollywood. The contemporary edifice designed by DADA Partners in Gurgaon, India welcomes you with its very unique seating area clad in glass and sporting a trademark metal ‘V’ supporting the upper floor.

With a staircase that forms the focus of the home, large wooden interiors and posh accessories; B-99 sports an ultra-fashionable look. Yet, the extensive courtyards, and the placing of the living room, kitchen, dining space and other areas of the home show that the ancient Indian art of design called ‘Vastu’ has been still followed meticulously. When it comes to a fusion of the old east with the modern west, B-99 wins hands down!


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    Nice design and fusion! I love this kind of houses!

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