Cash Conundrum: 9 Things About Decorating on Budget

Cash Conundrum: 9 Things About Decorating on Budget

With the recession blues hitting everyone across the globe in someway or another, saving cash and spending wisely is all that is on the lips of one and all. Decorating on a budget though is an art that is far more difficult than just going out and looking for the cheapest deals available. Here are some essentials that you need to keep in mind as you go around looking for stuff that fits your budget just right.

Make a plan and stick to it

The two simplest, yet most difficult parts of decorating on a budget are actually planning perfectly and making sure that you stick to the plan. The planning part of the budgeting is something that most people manage to chalk out with relative ease. But keep in mind that the temptations of the evil-salesman are too much to resist, once you step out. So make sure you take a friend along who will keep your feet firmly grounded.

Plan with realistic estimates and required needs in mind

Before you even make your budget, ensure that you know the actually prices of the furniture and accessories that you need. A rough but fairly realistic idea is what you will need. There is no point in putting in figures to suit your pocket and then finding out that you have been out of touch with reality. Also ensure that your decorating plans are in line with your needs. The needs of a young family are different from those of a bachelor or even a newly wed couple.

Go check out the garage sales in the area

This may not soudn too fancy, but there is nothing low about buying from a garage sale. It is just that some family might be expanding, moving or re-decorating and hence they might be giving away perfectly good stuff for an absolute steal. So take a peek in and pick what you like.

Cost cannot be your only priority

Do not walk around just looking for the cheapest stuff available. Make sure that the quality of what you buy is fairly decent. Otherwise you will have to hit stores again in a mere matter of months as the cheap stuff just withers away too soon and you will be spending twice your budget without getting a fair deal!

Understand the space available and shop accordingly

Decorating on budget is not just about getting the right deals alone. It is also about having the right vision for the space that you intend to decorate. Use a tape and measure the dimensions of your rooms and then understand how large your furniture and accessories really need to be to fit in just right. By doing this, you will not waste money on larger stuff or furnishings that look diminutive.

Recycle and reuse what you have

People forget so often about recycling and reusing stuff that you will be startled at what a creative mind can do out of the trash pile. If you have old clothes, use them for cleaning purposes in the kitchen, make storage spaces out of used containers and this will reduce what you need to buy.

Choose a style that you like

Choosing a style and sticking to it makes your shopping easier, your choices simpler and keep your budget under control. This way you cut out the danger of being tempted to buy something fancy, but out-of-line with the rest of the home. It is commonly agreed that a minimalistic look is best for those on a tight budget. It looks stylish, cool and modern as well!

Keep a look out for DIY projects

The internet today is full of brilliant DIY ideas that are put out in such detailed fashion that you will almost surely find what you need if you can do the searching. It’s creative, makes you feel good and is something that you can show off when people come by.

Shop for furniture that can double up

Makers like IKEA and others are offering furniture and accessories that can double up for more than one purpose. Apart from saving space, they save on cash too.


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  • Geoff Manning April 7, 2009 at 02:01 AMLogin to Reply →

    Great points, I think the most important tip above is to be sure you have a plan. I have gone through many a budget and had only half the project complete! Also, it really is a buyers market nowadays so you should get some great prices at the garage sales and on craiglist as well as in the retail stores.

  • April Force Pardoe April 7, 2009 at 15:47 PMLogin to Reply →

    Recycle and reuse what you have can apply to furnishings and
    accessories too. Consider moving furniture around your house, you
    can use a china cabinet for storage in a living space or a display
    case in a bedroom! An old kitchen table can become a desk. Try to
    look at your pieces in new ways and when in doubt, move a piece
    and try it out for a bit. You might be surprised at what you
    already have to create your best space.

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