Designer Quest: How to find an interior designer to suit your need

Designer Quest: How to find an interior designer to suit your need

Starting off with a new home or office space. But deciding on what you’re buying requires more opinion. Most of the time you go about asking your friends what they think or how would they do it. But have you considered a professional interior designer? If so where do you find one? Here’s our take …

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#1 Decide whether you need a decorator or a designer

The first and most important part of your search for a designer is to actually understand your own needs. You may only need to move a few things around and re-decorate. That’s where an interior decorator is just enough. But if you need to revamp space and/or move your walls to  recreate the whole dimensions, then going for a designer is a must. Do not rush in before completely understanding your needs as it would be complete waste of time and of course, money.

#2 Inquire friends and neighbors and look for references:

A very safe way of finding a reliable designer is by asking your friends and contacts, who they know or who worked for them. Most of them would have hired a certain designer at some point. It’s a first step.

#3 Online portfolios and previous work make for a fair idea

Checking out portfolios and previous work of the designer – either on his personal website or in his office, will give you a fair idea of what you can expect from his work. Most modern designers with repute have an extensive personal site dedicated to their previous work. Since most of the stuff here will be a glorification of what has been done, be neutral in observation. You are out there to check out his style. Don’t be lured in with false promises.

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#4 Look for variety

If you are looking for something of very high quality or unable to find the designer to suit your taste and budget, websites like and will help you check out more about the latest designer companies in your area.

#5 Ensure that the designer you pick falls within your budget

When you go shopping it is not granted that you always fall in love with the most expensive stuff and bring it home. Similarly, money does not guarantee great taste when it comes to designing. If your designer falls beyond your budget, then go for others as there are many options available. Do not be tempted to pick a designer who charges you way above what you can afford.

#6 Up and coming designers

If you know, like and trust the work of an up and coming designer, then do not hesitate to go with them. He will devote more time, effort and thought to your project trying to build his experience and adding work to his portfolio. This way, you would also be encouraging young and budding talents.

Finding a designer is not as tough as it was before the age of the internet. It is just a matter of selecting patiently for those things that you need.


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    This article skips over some very, very important questions that a home owner should ask a designer prior to hiring them. If you’d like me to contribute a common list of questions, and reasons behind them, please email me and let me know.