5 Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable and Trendy

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable and Trendy

Have you ever tried to keep up with fashion trends? It can be a little daunting and to do it accurately, you practically have to shop about once or twice a week,  probably even more. The same can be said about home trends. There is always the latest and greatest piece, color or style that just screams at you to update your current home design.

This can be an expensive venture if you are trying to keep up but there is a way to be at the latest in home decor without having to spend to much of your hard earned money. All you need is a little patience, a touch of creativity and a room to bring it all together in.

Tip #1: Start with your palette

When it comes to home design, one of the most important elements that you are going to use is color. You will have color on your walls, in your accents and in your furniture. Color abounds and there is a large palette to choose from when you pick your colors. One way to stay current with your color scheme is to choose colors that have been popular for several years running.

The longer a color has been trendy, the greater chance you will have with that color continuing to stay trendy. Also make sure that you choose a color that can be paired with a wide range of colors; so basically any neutral color is the best to work with since you won’t have to worry about switching out your wall color whenever you add a new color to the mix.

Tip #2: Go for contemporary furniture

Not everyone likes contemporary but when you use a contemporary piece for your home, you have a focus to start with. Generally, contemporary furniture has smooth, strong lines that look great with all design ideas so when you decide to update your home decor to the current trend, you won’t need to search for new furniture pieces. This will save you lots of money and you will still have a very fashionable room regardless of how “new” your furniture is.

Tip #3: Change out the accents

Accents often play a huge part in home decor and they can be the easiest part of your room that you can change when you are trying to update your home decor into the latest styles. If you use accent pieces such as vases, sculptures, lamps and pictures, try to keep the number to a minimal for two reasons. First, the few accents you have, the less you have to buy when you change them out. Second, too many accents can overwhelm a space and leave it looking cluttered and dark, which probably isn’t the look you were going for.

Tip #4: Play with fabrics

Fabrics are an excellent way to update a room and it can be fairly inexpensive if you are handy with a needle. Throw pillows on couches can be updated to a trendy accent color. Window treatments can be updated or removed depending on the overall look you are going for. Finally, you can change the look of a furniture piece simply by using a slipcover or by reupholstering the cushions. Make sure that when you do update your fabrics that you are looking at the textures as well as the colors since some textures can be trendy, while others are not.

Tip #5: Be fashionable for you

The last tip that I want to close with isn’t really a tip, it is a reminder. Even though there are always new trends to follow, home fashion does not change as quickly as regular fashion. A trend can stay in fashion for years and even after that, it only needs a few changes, such as a different lamp or a new set of throw pillows to update the trend to a current fashion.

In the end, your home should be comfortable and fashionable for you. If you are happy with a color that is not popular, don’t worry, simply enjoy your sense of style because more often than not, the uniqueness of your home decor probably makes it much more fashionable than any home that is filled with all the latest design trends.


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