Clothes Hanger Lamp by Hector Serrano

Clothes Hanger Lamp by Hector Serrano

Hector Serrano designed this clever clothes hanger lamp which has two functions. It lights up your room or even closet as well as keeps your shirt unwrinkled, perhaps the one you plan to wear the next day. When you wake up some dull morning, the lamp will not only softly illuminate the room but will help you locate your clothing at the same time – just zoom in on the light! The lamp shade is highly customizable for you get to pick any shirt for the purpose, changing it every day if you wish. For best effect, light colored shirts are recommended. Having two or more of the lamps will create an interesting sconce effect.

The lamp frame is made from acrylic and comes with an 11 watt fluorescent lamp and wall hook. It is manufactured by Droog (The Netherlands) known for their innovative products. sells the hanger lamps for $295 each.


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    so stupid

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    Enjoy it!