Bathroom Remodeling Ideas, Pictures & Inspiration

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas, Pictures & Inspiration

Today I was looking for bathroom remodeling ideas and I’ve found an Italian company that produces modern contemporary bathroom designs. This company is called Mastella and it was founded in 1984. Today Mastella is a solid company with a consistent, easily identifiable image, run by Antonio Mastella with the help of wife Daniela and daughters Cristina and Meggi. While I was browsing their product portfolio I’ve found a bathroom vanity that I wanted to present, but I thought that if I’ll present a collection of pictures, that might inspire other people who want to remodel their bathroom it would be better. So here are 7 pictures that I hope will give you a little inspiration if you’re going to remodel your bathroom.


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    whew!those are beautiful bathrooms that everyone is dreaming of!!

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    Hey this Bathroom is looking like a room decorated with modern
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    anyway the bathroom is pretty

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    Man, third to top picture is nice. I hope to see the day when I can afford it! :)They call this stuff on their site the “Byte 51″. It will take a bite out of your savings I’m sure, but I’d still buy it!

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