Facade Vase – Transform a Watter Bottle into a Vase

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The Facade Vase is a really neat design from Orcadesign. The Facade Vase is actually a wool slip-on cover that lets you turn an unwanted plastic bottle into a minimalist vase. There’s plenty of fancy vases out there, but for those who like to recycle and reuse some products the Facade Vase allows you to reuse your lousy plastic water bottles as something more delicate and pretty. The idea is simple and looks good, now let’s hope that this wool cover would fit on many bottle designs. – Via – Gizmodo & Dvice

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  • goatlady March 14, 2008 at 11:19 AM Login to Reply →

    Not a big felt fan myself, I think a different cover would be more suitable. Good idea bad material and color choice I think.