Stylish White Frame Planter - Prairie

Stylish White Frame Planter – Prairie

You might remember the Metaphys Indoor Grass Planters a similar product designed with the purpose to bring a piece of nature in a stylish way inside our homes that I’ve presented a few months ago. Today I’ve found the PRAIRIE FACTORY SQUARE a charming frame planter. This small white plastic square allows you to plant and grow prairie grass seeds along the bottom. Place it on a shelf, in front of a window or even hang it on the wall, and sit back and enjoy the scenery. Each frame comes with a packet of prairie seeds, water keeper pellets, and frame. All you need to add is water. The price for this stylish white frame planter is $48.00 and you can have it from here.


  • gia October 2, 2009 at 11:47 AMLogin to Reply →

    i finde here inspiration..thnx

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