A Tree Inside Your Home by NatureMaker

NatureMaker is a design and fabrication company of sculpted trees. Their projects can be found all over the world for industries including: hotels, casinos, theme parks, museums, restaurants and retailers. From artificial palm trees to grand old oaks, NatureMaker’s replica trees are one-of-a-kind nature sculptures. These trees can be integrated into any space, from elegant residential interiors to hotel lobbies, exhibit designs and if you really want even in your own home. In the picture below you can see an amazing example of their work at Villa Behrens. The first 12′ of the tree is designed around an existing structural column. This area of the home was architecturally designed around the tree. You can see more beautiful examples by visiting their online portofolio.

500a behrens lrg A Tree Inside Your Home by NatureMaker

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One response to “A Tree Inside Your Home by NatureMaker” - Add yours!

  1. Rachel%9Sebastian said:
    March 25, 2009

    Very cool site…I always wanted a bonsai tree, but I tend to kill indoor plants, which is hilarious because every summer my outdoor garden does great and people rave about the tomatoes that I grow