Smart Faucet

The Smart Faucet is designed to automatically control the temperature and water level in the bathtub. An interesting bath product that won the red dot award: design concept 2007. Smart Faucet is able to automatically control the temperature and water level in the bathtub. How you do that ? Preety simple with so much technology in this faucet. Just set the water temperature on the control panel which is located above the faucet, after that you have to put your hand under the ultrasonic sensor, to show the desired level of the water, and finally, set the level on the control panel and the faucet memorises the settings.

After setting the desired water level, the faucet will begin the water flow, which activates the ultrasonic sensor to automatically control the level of water in the bathtub. Once the pre-set level of water is reached, the faucet will automatically shut off the water supply, thereby avoiding any possibility of an overflow. A “buzzing sound” will indicate to the user that the bathtub is ready.

inteligent faucet Smart Faucet

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2 responses to “Smart Faucet” - Add yours!

  1. DOuglas said:
    February 17, 2009

    a samr : 1st you need to adjuests level of water everytime when you use it? how about i´m an idiot of TECH? means nothing to me NO?

  2. Jet said:
    January 14, 2011

    Great technology.

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