Thinner - The Thinnest Desk just 6mm

Thinner – The Thinnest Desk just 6mm

Tobias Berneth designed the Thinner desk, a desk that is just 6 mm. Thinner creates the illusion of a thin, weightless surface. Thinner is a table characterized by the elegance of its slender dimensions. To gain the required stability the table was constructed like the wing of an aeroplane. Simply sleek and stunning. The only thing that Tobias Berneth don’t tell us is the material of this table, because at 6mm should be something really strong. – Via – Yankodesign

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  • Håkan September 11, 2008 at 20:51 PMLogin to Reply →

    the table is only 6 mm thick at the edges. As you clearly can see the uper picture reveals that it’s thicker in the center. Thus being able to carry its load. The slope fools the eye though since you really have to be level with the table to notice. Ie compare with “Less” table system by Jean Nouvel.