Orikami Sofa

Orikami Sofa

Orikami Sofa is a piece of very unique furniture. I think that this sofa design is the strangest, and shapeless sofa presented on this blog until now. Looking from here I see that the right place on this sofa is extremely comfortable and as we come to the left the sofa becomes less and less comfortable. Speaking about design, we can see that this sofa has chromed legs, and a beautiful white leather. – Price : $8,160 from here.

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  • mcny74 September 24, 2010 at 14:42 PMLogin to Reply →

    This is ridiculous..but at the same time, I like it, its just that for me, Id have no where for it and for someone who would it just seems like a waste. I don’t know. Mixed feelings about this one.

    Im very modern and love contemporary style but sometimes these designs go to far. Im a clean, square simple yet elegantly sophisticated kind of guy(& straight by the way,lol) and I like balance. This piece is ridiculous, however at the same time I sort of like it, but it goes against how I feel-not that all things have to be semetrical, they just have to make sense and to me, this doesn’t.