Toilet Seat Lifter

Toilet seat is one of those bathroom elements that can make a difference in a relationship. Some guys make some mistakes, and then the toilet seat gets dirty, things that womens hate. For this problem here is a product that can solve everything. You should also see Glow Toilet Locater, another thing invented to prevent dirt on the toilet seat. – The price for Toilet Seat Lifter is $29.95 at Amazon.

Do you fight over ‘Who left the Toilet Seat up?’ Are you tired of that ‘Midnight Splashdown?’ The PeaceMaker will end the battle of the toilet seat. Merely step on the pedal to activate the lifting mechanism. When finished, remove your foot from the pedal and the seat gently comes to a rest where it started.

toilet seat Toilet Seat Lifter

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  1. April 30, 2011

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