Shogun Juniper Bonsai

Shogun Juniper Bonsai

Browsing on Amazon today I’ve found these beautiful Shogun Juniper Bonsai at just $34,99. This juniper bonsai will create the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature.

Enjoy the ancient Japanese tradition of Bonsai cultivation with our Shogun Juniper Bonsai. The term ‘bonsai’ literally translated from Japanese means tray planting or tree in pot. The term refers specifically to the training and artistic vision applied to the tree; ultimately this will give the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature. It is more than just a little tree, it is an attempt to represent nature itself in a small pot. Nurturing such a micro-environment over many years can be a wellspring of meditative pleasure. Harmoniously balanced with an ancient piece of granite in a stylish, 7″ cobalt blue ceramic pot. This small tree will do best if it can be placed outdoors, at least during the growing season. Like other conventional bonsai, it needs sun, wind, and rain to approximate the life of a “real” tree.


  • steve June 6, 2007 at 01:24 AMLogin to Reply →

    Awesome! Just bought something almost identical at the local Lowes store for $9.99….

    I’ve always loved Bonsai trees, but they take some looking after.


  • MyBonsai June 27, 2007 at 22:32 PMLogin to Reply →

    Hey nice bonsai pics! Bonsai Trees in simple terms are just minature forms of regular trees and plants but with the right care become much more than that.

  • James August 6, 2007 at 08:30 AMLogin to Reply →

    Those are nice micro bonsai specimens. Are they yours? Sorry, there isnt a scale to measure them, but looks like these are (really small).

    I had a small Serissa (not sure what spp var.) but it can grow indoors ( in a bright area of course).

  • Ibsen February 11, 2009 at 17:09 PMLogin to Reply →

    I just read the description above and i’m afraid i’ll have to
    say this is a scam. To call a tree a bonsai, it must have
    been worked on for at least a few years, and what is represented
    above is just a young tree (in other words a basic house plant).
    Those trees could become bonsai if you spend a lot of time
    working on them. Just because it is bent next to a rock does
    not make it a bonsai. I am currently starting a few bonsai
    and one of them is a juniper like on this picture. (my little
    trees are just about the same size as on the pictures, according
    to the size proportion between the needles (leaves) and the trunk.
    My little trees cost me about 3 bucks a piece, which is a
    reasonable price.
    For 40 bucks, you could get a 5 years old japanese style maple
    you will only get ripped off. For more information, i would
    recommend that you buy a book on bonsai or read about them
    sorry to be the bringer of bad news…

  • Adam May 25, 2010 at 21:21 PMLogin to Reply →

    I agree with Ibsen. Bonsai aren’t just curved trees grown on or with rocks. The time and effort you put into them really make them bonsai. How you grow them, curve them, and take care of them make all the difference. also, a tree that young and small is NOT worth 40 bucks. You can get those for 5-10 bucks, and getting them off the internet is not smart.