Finnish Sauna from Effegibi

I don’t know people who have a sauna in their home, but I see in magazines and at TV houses that have a sauna in their home .I’m sure that you need some money to have a sauna in your home, especially if you want a sauna like this.

effegibi koko finnish sauna Finnish Sauna from Effegibi

The new Finnish sauna Koko aims to offer the luxurious spa treatment of Nordic Saunas within any space in your home. Large tempered glass doors let an abundance of light into the natural wood room. Using Canadian Hemlock, Abachi and Oak lumber the Koko sauna creates a warm pleasant interior for the Finnish sauna. Alongside the frameless glass door Effegibi incorporates a slim wall built unit that conveniently hold towels and sundries within easy reach. – Via – Trendir

effegibi koko built in saun Finnish Sauna from Effegibi

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  1. hieu said:
    June 3, 2011

    house in Sai Gon ( Ho Chi Minh city – Viet Nam )