This surprising building transformation in Bangkok, Thailand comes from IDIN Architects, who managed to re-purpose an old, wrecked commercial building. The project was carried out for a large family of four brothers and sisters, keeping in mind the future extension of this small community. Currently, the residence serves the contemporary living needs of the owners and also accommodates the family’s jewelry store. Before we go any further, you are invited to have a look at the before and after photos in this post, to have an idea of the level of the architecture conversion.

The developing team came up with a clever layout for the two identical ex-commercial buildings. The project aimed to utilize space efficiently, so that each family member would enjoy a compact private house, consisting of living room, rest area, pantry and bedrooms. According to the architects, each unit is double-leveled with separated access. An elevator in the back allows easy access to each room of the house. The top level was envisioned as a generously-sized living room and dining room, where all the family can come together. One of the highlights of the residence is a beautiful preserved tree, which adds a lively feel to the overall design scheme.