Completed by Kababie Architects in Mexico City, Apartment KG is a contemporary home defined by an original design scheme. Its uniqueness comes from an unexpectedly vibrant mix of textures and furnishings in a neutral palette of white, gray, brown and black — and that spectacular ceiling.

“The kitchen and the family room are unified through the harmonious ceiling design, a prefabricated lattice made of reclaimed wood,” the project developers said. Lighting units are creatively hidden within the sculptural addition, making it both aesthetic and functional.

The reclaimed wood lattice continues from the ceiling down opposite walls, forming a bar area on one side and a media wall on the other.

Almost every element in this apartment draws attention; a fireplace in gray marble visually contrasts the neighboring dining room for 12. Hexagonal tables of different heights act as the core of the lounge area, contributing to the 3D effect this apartment exudes.

“The dining room is subtly separated from the kitchen through a breakfast/eating area,” the developers said. “All the bedrooms are grouped in a specific wing of the apartment. The master bedroom is complemented by a TV room.” What do you find most inspiring about this modern Mexico apartment? [Photography by Jaime Navarro]