These interior designs are the work of Shelley Klausman Interiors, a design firm based out of Winter Park, Florida. Part fairy-tale, part classical, these designs cultivate an atmosphere that is charmingly familiar, but with a few surprisingly modern touches. Infused throughout each design is a playful sense of humor.

This room is both classical and storybook. Vines climb the ivory columns, escaping from the manicured potted hedges, reminiscent of an English garden or a hedge maze. The compass rose decal on the hardwood floor paired with the delicate gold detailed furniture give this apartment a fairy tale look; the chandelier and tray ceiling with clouds add an ethereal touch.

This “villa” redesign takes inspiration from a more classical source. The statement painting on the ceiling matches the back of the staircase, and calls to mind Greek and roman frescoes, brilliantly off-setting the vibrant red walls.


There is a sense of playful humor in every design: the love seat in this Chicago apartment is made bolder with zebra print, contrasting the more serious tones of the rest of the room.