Imagined as a weekend retreat in the Sydney Blue Mountains, Australia, Little Hartley House by Urban Possible addresses the living needs of two avid climbers — a professor and an art gallery owner. The single level, three-bedroom house features an artists’ studio, plenty of entertaining space and a sauna for after a day of climbing.

The public and private areas of the project were divided in two and connected by a butterfly roof. Potential bushfires dictated the use of tough materials, such as Corten steel, recycled blackbutt cladding and double glazing. “On the north eastern façade, a rhythm is set with repetitive Corten panels, interspersed with high pivoting doors,” the architects explained. “On the north, two tripartite sliding doors recess themselves behind the chimney leading occupants through to the entertaining deck.”

Every weekend, the residence (now transformed into a revolving art gallery) is filled with artists and climbers. All living spaces are minimalist with a focus on functionality and social interaction is encouraged by clusters of seating units spread throughout the residence, both inside and out. [Photos by: Tom Ferguson]

Is this a weekend retreat that you’d like to visit?