Hikers along the blue National Tourist Route will now have a new vantage point from which to stop and see the view. Old abandoned concrete watchtowers located in the heart of the 1,100-kilometer hiking route have been converted into interesting rest stops.

This scenic hiking route winds its way through the north of Hungary and over Galyeteto, the third highest mountain in the country. A project of Nart Architects, these towers are built from a combination of reclaimed materials and contemporary craftsmanship to give hikers a new and beautiful place to take a rest.

When the tallest of these lookout towers was built, the top level reached well above the tree line, offering a clear vantage point to view the surrounding area. As time passed, the trees around the tower grew past the top floor. To correct this, the architects built a reinforced concrete addition, elevating hikers past the tree line to give hikers a bird’s eye view of the surrounding countryside.

Inside the concrete structures are bivouac shelters, offering hikers a place to relax or camp for the night. Stainless steel mesh encases the stairs, sheltering those inside from the elements. These accommodations are decorated with ambient colored glass windows, which changes the atmosphere inside throughout the day and night. [Photography courtesy of Nart Architects]

Would you stay in this historic watchtower?