Discovered by Freshome on real estate broker Alvhem‘s website, this 721-square-foot apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, features two rooms, an exquisite chef’s kitchen and access to the garden.

As you step inside, you are greeted by a small hallway with Moroccan-inspired tiles on the floor. This area is linked to both rooms, a half-bath and a storage unit.

The walls are painted a warm gray for a cozy feel, especially when complemented by the dark wood flooring. The built-in bookcase, painted the same tone as the walls, adds character to the living room. From there the balcony is accessed through glazed double doors. A stairway leads down to the garden, open to the building’s residents.

The social core of the apartment, the kitchen has an intimate ambiance. The dark brown flooring and gray walls continue the elegant theme, while white subway tiles and artful lighting brighten the space. State-of-the-art appliances make this room inviting for cooking enthusiasts.

The bedroom features a beautiful arched window and has more than enough space for a double bed, a desk area and clever storage solutions. Eclectic furnishings and accents add personality and pops of color throughout this cozy apartment.