HAO Design Studio completed the design and development of Recall Casa, a charming industrial home design especially envisioned for a couple and their three cats. The unconventional crib is located in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan and has comes with a total living surface of 155 square meters. The old movie poster, gramophone record and vintage camera make this space looks like a loft café. The entire vintage collection of the owners is carefully put on display, resulting in an original home design with plenty of eye-catching elements.

The designers begun by changing the bright marble floor into concrete flooring, which fully reversed the atmosphere of the space. While one walks into the entryway, the sunlight and plants pass through the hollowed-out iron panel, adding a warm touch to this industrial setting. Behind the iron panel is the cozy and individual space. The bookcase in plywood is the highlight of the living room, and right behind it is the slide case for displaying numerous gramophone records. In the kitchen, the designers created a wine storage space adding up to the industrial character. Next to the dining room, a nook for the three adorable cats was imagined; the mini arched-door is for them to interact with hosts. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by HAO Design Studio]