Why not camp out or road trip this summer in one of the coolest vintage campers around? Airstream camper vans are hot and can still be found for a good bargain if you’re willing to put in a little work — and even add some stylish camper van decor.

An Airstream looks like a silver bullet and was first introduced in 1936. But it took a good 20 to 30 years before it reached its peak of popularity in the late ’50s and ’60s.

Vintage Airstream photo. Image: Airstream

Enthusiasts have been collecting these vintage campers for some time now and refurbishing the interiors to function for the 21st century. Nowadays, camper vans are used for “glamping,” as mobile offices, a guest house in the backyard or even an Airbnb rental. Those who love the tiny house movement will appreciate the vibe of these tiny homes on wheels.

Here are some of the coolest camper van interior remodels that transform vintage campers into the ultimate contemporary road trip trailer.

Mid-Century and Retro Camper Van Interiors

Wood paneling and a classic breakfast set update this home on wheels while keeping vintage style. Image: Andrew Hinman Architecture

Colorful textiles give this renovated camper van interior a cheerful and retro feel. Image: McMullin Design Group

A refreshed camper van interior featuring classic navy blue cabinetry. Image: Closet Crafters

Vintage Trailer Rental in Palm Springs

A 1972 Airstream Argosy in Palm Springs is available for rent. Image: Silver Trailer

The interior has been updated, but still keeps its seventies design inspiration. Image: Silver Trailer

Retro Colors for a Vintage Look

Sage green and orange accents create a bright, uplifting interior. Image: Amy Carman Design

A multi-functional camper dining and work table area. Image: Amy Carman Design

Airstream Vintage Campers as Mobile Offices and Work Spaces

1964 Sovereign Mobile Office

A mobile office based in Santa Barbara, California. Image: Hoffman Architecture

The workspace interior is bright, white and invigorating. Image: Hoffman Architecture

1985 Airstream Office on Wheels

A 35-foot Airstream with plenty of space for several to work in style. Image: Hoffman Architecture

The interior features reclaimed wood and an open floor plan. Image: Hoffman Architecture

Skylights were added to bring in extra light. Image: Hoffman Architecture

1971 Sovereign Workspace

Inspired by Scandinavian design featuring light wood surfaces and plenty of white. Image: Hoffman Architecture

Well chosen camper decor and warm finishes create an at-home feeling. Image: Hoffman Architecture

San Francisco Real Estate Office on Wheels

An eye-catching open house is possible anywhere thanks to stylish Airstream trailers. Image: Climb San Francisco

The interior features highly polished aluminum that reflects the colorful camper van decor. Image: Climb San Francisco

The bedroom area was converted into an inviting conference room with wrap-around seating. Image: Climb San Francisco

Mobile Hair Salon

Cleverly named Hairstream, the hair salon on wheels travels through New York City and the Hamptons. Image: Hairstream NYC

Copper rear walls offset the highly polished aluminum throughout. Image: Hairstream NYC

Luxe Camper Van Interiors for Glamping

Modern Moroccan Nomad Style

Interior designer Rachel Horn renovated a 1969 Airstream International to showcase her work and accommodate her weekend road trips. Image: Rachel Horn

Rachel’s Airstream renovation is titled Moroccan Modern Nomad. Image: Rachel Horn

Lush interiors and rich wall colors elevate the camper van decor to create a luxurious interior. Image: Rachel Horn

Contemporary Camper Van Interior

A generously sized Airstream International gets a contemporary look featuring exotic wood paneling and lime green textiles. Image: Christopher Deam

A high-end grill and stainless steel appliances tie in with the Airstream’s aluminum exterior. Image: Christopher Deam

Disco Glam Camper

A wall of mirrored tile adds a sophisticated effect to the curved wall of this interior. Image: Robeson Design

Perfectly Polished

High gloss finishes are paired with colorful LED lighting to add depth and interest to this camper van interior. Image: American Retro Caravans

Vintage Camper Restoration Using Earth Friendly Camper Van Decor

Bamboo and other earth-friendly materials were used when renovating this trailer. Image: Cali Bamboo

A Rustic-Chic Camper Interior

A 1976 Airstream refurbished into a rustic-chic living and working space. Image: Lucy Call

Reclaimed wood walls give the polished interior a warm, organic feel. Image: Lucy Call

High gloss chartreuse cabinets and camper decor complement the earthy wood tones. Image: Lucy Call

Bright and Modern Vintage Campers

Tiny House on Wheels

A couple renovated and currently live in this Airstream with their two dogs. Image: Tin Can Homestead

Plants add life and a homey feel to the interior. Image: Tin Can Homestead

An Alternative to a Hotel Room in Las Vegas

You can book a night in this refurbished 1967 Tradewind when in Las Vegas. Image: Silver Trailer

A cozy wrap-around sitting area for entertaining a group. Image: Silver Trailer

1972 Avion

The exterior of the ’72 Avion is close to original. Image: William Johnson Architect

But the interior of the refurbished ’72 has been fully updated. Image: William Johnson Architect

Custom Airstream International

The popular Airstream International model once accounted for almost half of all Airstream trailer sales. Image: Christopher Deam

The International’s interior is minimalist in style with a clean, open feel. Image: Christopher Deam

Tropical Chic

Tropical textiles and bright color accents liven up the camper’s interior. Image: Sealy Design

Mod Interior Cabin

High contrast black and white is accented with bright yellow to create a mod look. Image: Christopher Deam

Retro Camper on the Outside, Modern Interior Retreat on the Inside

Courtney Trent refurbishes Airstreams for New York actors to use as overnight lodging or mobile green rooms. Image: Good Cottage

The Scouts Retreat trailer features a comfortable armchair to relax in. Image: Good Cottage

Ready to Party Vintage Campers

An Airstream conversion located in Dubai where a whole panel opens up to create an indoor/outdoor lounge. Image: American Retro Caravans

A handsome mobile bar interior. Image: American Retro Caravans

Which one of these vintage campers is your favorite and where would you take it this summer?