Stumbling upon a media agency office design that makes you want to send a resume is something possible thanks to our global inspirational system aka The Internet. The Optimedia Media Agency Office designed by Nefa Architects in Moscow, Russia, is one of those places that looks organized and creative. It looks like you already belong there.

Spreading over 500 square meters, the media agency office design paints the existing space with a soothing mix of blue and white. Transparent working and meeting spaces create a permanent connection as people flow from one area to the next to get through to the solutions together.

With plenty of experiencing in designing working spaces for ad agencies and media companies, Nefa Architects saw a way of re-imagining the space to resemble modern art galleries. This white and blue color palette dotted with vibrantly green plants makes the space feel less crowded and the people more relaxed. Colored brick walls, pure white details and glass helps the space come together.

When designing the working space for Optimedia media agency office, we used saturated color, central to the company’s signature style, and optical effects, “breaking” the real space and creating a parallel reality.”

Photographed by Ilya Ivanov, the space looks like it can be changed at any time. The welcoming space at the entrance has floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with an abundance of natural light. This ensures a cheery atmosphere, while all the blue helps calm people down. In the future, this flamboyant use of color can be changed or the walls can become a canvas for slogans, but they may not. As it looks now, the space looks self-sufficient in terms of design, but it can also be added upon. “The environment may change, but what will always be maintained is the core expressive substance.

This is what an art gallery-resembling media agency office design can look like. If you like a more imposing style, this bold office design for a media agency showcasing an industrial character can be what you’re look for.