This family in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan wanted to achieve the perfect balance between parenting and romantic life  HAO Design took on the challenge to turn their plan into reality. The couple requested a large kitchen with plenty of space for cooking together, while watching over their two daughters. This triggered the idea of a kitchen-and-living combo for the project entitled Blue and Glue.

Wooden grid paneling on the ceiling was used to visually define the two functional areas. “The living room, which serves as the children’s designated play space, is furnished with large, stuffed sofas and low, round coffee tables,” the architects said. “When the children grow up, the space below the partition will provide them with a library-like reading space.” A small reading and working nook was improvised by the window, that offers views of the bustling city outside.

A variety of finishes and textures, such as glass, metal and concrete, create a dynamic feel, while light tones of blue paired with wood accents deliver a playful interior. The girls’ room is colorful and serene. “To help the children cultivate their creativity, we created secret hideouts across the home, so the girls could engage in original projects,” the architects added. In the living room, a large chalkboard encourages doodling, and a special place is designated for LEGO art. [Photography by Hey! Cheese]

How well do you think this versatile family home achieved balanced everyone’s needs?