Architecture duo Rosu-Ciocodeica completed Apartment M, a contemporary refuge located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. The overall concept and layout of the project were adapted to the dynamic lifestyle of the family living here.

The idea was to open up the daytime spaces, without compromising in flexibility. A high level of intimacy for each family member was achieved by a clear separation of the bedrooms.

“The end result integrates the kitchen and the office to the existing generous living room as an intersection of two rectangular volumes, with the dining area, right in the center of this intersection, becoming a hot spot of the house,” the architects said. “Thus, functions merge into a common image , where wood, both horizontally and vertically disposed, covering storage area, provides fluidity and unity of the space, creating a neutral background at the same time.”

The focal point of the living space is a metallic and glass wall which can divide a small gathering space when needed. Another interesting element is is the almost invisible wardrobe placed in the hallway, covered in mirrors on three sides and appearing as a very thin black panel towards the living room.

“The night area follows the same color palette of the whole interior, that is the main frame of the overall design and offers a neutral background for the small interventions and personal objects, that come to personalize each private space,” the architects added.

What are the details you find most captivating about this flexible apartment in Bucharest? [Photos and information provided by Rosu-Ciocodeica Architects]