Located in the neighborhood of Hansaviertel Berlin, Germany, the Courtyard House by bfs design is part of a larger residential complex which consists of five dwellings, initially built in 1957. Upgrading this home without affecting its architecture heritage was the main challenge for the architects. During the process, “all original building parts found, were preserved and carefully processed and refurbished, whilst ill-fitting fixtures from the seventies and eighties were dismantled. Two small bedrooms were combined to create a larger master bedroom; the bathroom and walk-in shower were extended; and the kitchen was opened towards the dining area.”

The overall design inspires harmony throughout: “The chosen concept regarding color and materialization (light grey walls, pale-pink ceiling, a smooth grey-white floor finish and the decorative ceramic tiles) is reminiscent of the formative time period of the building’s construction yet also leaves room for a new interpretation of the existing architecture. The concept unifies the house, garden and the interior into a new whole, with much respect for the original work of Eduard Ludwig.” Breezy and minimalist, the residence offers a healthy place of refuge. Enjoy the virtual tour!  [Photography by Annette Kisling]