For a country house, this impressive contemporary structure designed by Russian architect Leonovich Arseny of Panacom plays unusually well with perspective and contemporary building materials and techniques.The modern country house is located in the Moscow region and spreads over a total surface of 636 square meters. The private residence oozes modern design from its glazed facade and reinforces the importance of modern architecture with its massive scale.

This unusual-looking modern country house rises towards the sky, showcasing a set of white ribbons shaping the ceilings in between generous windows and glass doors. I’m sure you too want to know what’s behind all that glass.

Resembling a steamboat, the modern country house displays an angular geometry that fluoresces with every detail exposed as you move from one thing to another. A bright V-shaped column marks the entrance to the modern country house, uniquely welcoming guests inside. Dressed in vertical wooden planks alternating glass walls, this modern country house serves as example for those who dream of an upgrade to country style.

A ramp leads up to the second floor past rounded windows, beautifully colored to enliven the chromatic play of light and dark. Exterior details like these help create an inspiring visual experience, while panoramic windows offer a framed view of the surroundings. Photos by Yuri Palmin show the depth of the architecture, as well as the elegant geometry of the interior design. Open stone terraces on both sides of the modern country house expose the living space to bright natural light tamed by see-through curtains.

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