Holzmassivhaus is the brainchild of MIND Architects CollectiveLocated in Mainz-Bischofsheim, Germany, a suburban community of around 12,000 near Frankfurt, this 233 square meter home is flexible and unobtrusively modern.

The client was an active part of the design process in envisioning his new home; a home office that combined the benefits of private urban living with the flexibility of communal working space. Flexibility was a guiding factor in the design, ensuring that public spaces could be made private and private could be made public, as needs changed.

Holzmassivhaus was built on small plot of land with two garages in the densely packed center of town. Because of the mixed use nature of this project and its location in a central area, it required cooperation from the neighbors, the city, and the client.

The ground floor, the public space, can be divided with curtains; it features a common area with a kitchen and workshop space. Because of the desire for future flexibility, it was important that this wooden structure feature public and private quarters.  An inner courtyard, protected by the building, opens into the private interior, offering a surprising view with floor to ceiling windows.