The trouble with Cubrick is that it looks best when moving.” That’s why you must absolutely see the video below and see how functional, artistic and dynamic features meet in a unique cabinet design. We received an email from Ian from the Yard Sale Project about their amazing cabinet design that comes in three different heights and two different configurations, any color and finish and is beautifully lined with Impala fabric in fabulous colors. Not only that, but it moves!

Combining bespoke precision-engineered components and lustrous fabrics and finished with meticulous craftsmanship, the Cubrick Cabinet dazzles with it’s uniquely synchronized choreography- luxury furniture with a sense of theatre for any interior.

The interactive demo helps you decide between colors and shapes. The racing green color is my favorite, but then again, it can come in any color you want. The elegant Cubrick Cabinet is set in motion by your needs: “Decanter is the drinks cabinet version, made from a stack of different sized boxes, to allow for storing everything from the tallest aperitif bottles, to the smallest shot glasses. Stacks of twelve and sixteen boxed Cubricks allow for lower heights and storage more suited to favoured shoes or similar collections.”

An elegant clash between two very different approaches to design, the “Yard Sale Project is the collaboration between Cairn Young, an Industrial designer, and Ian Spencer, a Cabinet Maker. What makes Yard Sale Project special is the attitude towards design that appears through this collaboration. Cairn’s design is cerebral before anything else. Ideas, shapes and geometry often produce ideas for which there are no obvious applications. Ian’s design ideas are informed by materials and processes, a design ethic that starts from any given material, and what it can be used for. With these two very differing approaches, their fusion gives a design ethos that can start from a practical, problem-solving point but can approach the problem from any angle, giving a wide variety of solutions which can be worked on from two very different views.”

Seeing this modern cabinet move to reveal its content, it’s easy to understand how the two artists came up with an idea that would leave your guests in awe when displayed in your home. It’s like you have a functional piece of art to show off and every piece speaks about the importance of movement. This is what collaborative design can do, bring ideas together to make life more enjoyable.