O’Neill Rose Architects designed Undermountain so that, from far away, the home appears to be floating slightly above the marsh, anchored into the hillside. In heavy rainfall, water runs over the rocks below the house, creating a temporary private stream.

This 3,000 square foot home in Sheffield, Massachusetts was designed for a couple who wished to retire in the countryside. Aging in this home was a consideration in the design, and the final outcome is a home that is tailored to their needs, both current and anticipated. The house is level, making mobility much easier.

The screened porch is enjoyable year round, thanks to a large field stone fireplace and wall panels that can be glass or screened, depending on the season. Even the two family dogs were considered, with two log framed windows offering a view of the countryside at their height.

The aesthetic throughout the home is clean and light filled, featuring natural palettes with one very noticeable exception. The most eye-catching adornment is the blue cypress wood dining enclosure, which serves as a kitchen banquette and spatial divider.