Especially designed for a writer in Oslo, Noway, this backyard cottage is an unconventional modern work sanctuary. Jarmund/Vigsnæs Arkitekter built an annex to the clients’ residence, with extensive views of the surrounding landscape, a suitable retreat for creativity. According to the developers, “the project rises in height towards the south, in order to reach above the neighbor’s hedge and allow direct sunlight to flow in to the interior. The south elevation is narrow, to avoid too much sunlight that could disturb the workplace, and provide privacy.” Made entirely out of glass, the north facade mirrors the landscape, inducing a state of relaxation.

Two other units containing a reading chair and a mezzanine extend outside the main volume, contributing to the original shape of the backyard cottage. The sober black silhouette pierced by glass unveils warm and friendly interiors, where wood plays a major visual and connective part. Minimalist furniture arrangements and creative storage units (mainly employed for books) redirect attention towards the vivid spectacle outdoors. In a place this inviting and open to nature energies, inspiration is invited to strike at any moment. [Photography by Jonas Adolfsen]