The creative team at Circle Line Interiors designed their own warm, welcoming office in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. A challenging factor of the project was the building’s high ceilings (more than 14 feet) and windows.

“We had to think outside the box when we planned the space,” the designers said. “The solution was to create a stage-like construction, with one communal table along the line of windows. This way, all of our architects and designers could face natural light.”

The building challenges also brought design opportunities. “Thanks to the height of the ceiling, we were able to play with the idea of integrating rooms within rooms,” they said. “For example, our kitchen is situated in a glass house, and the lounge area is placed under the pergola-like construction.”

The lounge is surrounded by big planters with leafy plants, which create the feeling of being in a garden. The Ukraine office is a large open space, with multiple zones where employees can move when they need a change of scenery for inspiration. A separate area is used primarily for meetings with clients and suppliers.