Designing a four-bedroom family home within the Kew Green Conservation Area of southwest London, England was a challenge the architects at Piercy&Co successfully met. The Kew House is composed of two weathering steel volumes implemented in the continuity of a retained nineteenth century stable wall. In response to the client’s brief, “Piercy&Company designed the house as a built diagram of the way the family wanted to use the spaces, with an internal landscape of alternative routes and levels connecting expressive areas aimed at creating moments of delight for adults and children alike”.

An abundance of natural lighting and flexible areas for socializing stood at the basis of the layout: “The house is formed of a simple plan to make the most of the constrained site, reduce the building’s mass in the streetscape and respond to the living patterns of the family. Consisting of two rectangles; one slightly smaller, set back and sunken 1m lower, the wings each have living spaces on the ground floor and bedrooms above.” Despite an array of planning constraints, the residence answers the modern living needs of a family, while being well anchored in its architecture context. [Photography by Jack Hobhouse]