Moloney Architects completed the design of a contemporary residence in Australia. Named for its split monolithic architectural form, Two Halves House is distinguished by two pavilions that appear to stand alone, but in fact live hand-in-hand.

The 240 square meter (2,583 square foot) home was specifically envisioned for a family who needed both privacy and social connection. This requirement was achieved by dividing the “public” open-plan living zone from its neighboring sleeping and bathing quarters.

“The two pavilions essentially distinguish the functions of the house, splitting the public and private zones to give the main living spaces the best views and natural light access,” the architects said.

The kitchen and dining area were designed in an open plan, with interaction in mind. Welcoming and friendly, this family room features original elements such as a low-set bench seat that faces the kitchen island and various stools for casual conversation.

In the neighboring pavilion, the bedrooms and bathrooms were imagined like a series of cellular spaces that are “minimal in nature, yet intimate and cosy.” Information provided by Moloney Architects; photography courtesy of Christine Francis.