Completed by CHA:COL, this modern home in Los Angeles was initially a loft in need of a redesign. However, during the planning stage, the owner also purchased the apartment next door.

“The design goal had switched from the original needs of a single occupant into a larger interconnected space that could accommodate a new and growing family,” the architects explained.

By combining the two properties, the Twin Loft was born. Only half of the 3,200-square-foot space is used regularly; the other half is destined for entertainment and guests.

The concrete ceiling visually connects the interiors, which exhibit a raw, industrial feel. On the background of heavy concrete walls and massive columns, a contemporary white shelving/storage unit and floating ceiling add a distinctive touch. Wood plank flooring makes the place feel welcoming.

The kitchen was developed in the same industrial tone, with premium contemporary finishes enhancing its design. Which elements do you find most inspiring? [Photos by Edward Duarte]