Forms in Nature is a collection of chandeliers by Denmark-based design group Hilden Diaz. The pieces were inspired by nature drawings by Darwinist Ernst Haeckel.

Not only are these chandeliers striking in appearance, they also cast interesting shadows on the surrounding walls. The sculptural design mimics a tree and its roots, twisted and intertwined in a way that looks sporadic. However, this design is actually mirrored around its horizontal axis — a trademark in many designs by this Danish duo. In Forms in Nature, the mirroring resembles the relationship between our world and the mystery of the underworld.

The intensity of the shadows is due to the design. Enveloped in the twisted branches, the strong light source allows the shadows to climb the walls and transform the room entirely. The mood and effect of the lighting changes as the light is dimmed, making the shadows fade into subtle silhouettes.

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