The creative team at Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design was challenged to design a nature hideaway in Cape Town, South Africa. This modern tree house with glass and western red cedar finishes has an iconic shape that maximizes views of the site.

Its vertical layout leaves enough room for a living space on the first level, with a dining alcove and large windows. The second floor accommodates the bedroom, while the third features a rooftop terrace with built-in seating units. “The building lightly touches the ground, and entry is by means of a suspended timber and Corten steel ramp,” the architects said.

Corten steel columns, arms and rings support the floors and heavy windows. All materials are said to be left untreated to change hues with the passing of time.

“The organizational diagram of the structure explores the pure geometry of a square, with each side divided into three modules,” the architects explained. “Two of these modules determine the diameter of a circle on each of the four sides of the square — resulting in a pinwheel plan layout.” As you go through the architecture plans at the end of the post, this seemingly intricate design will unravel into a logical, yet fascinating configuration. Photography: Adam Letch and Mickey Hoyle