The Woollahra House by Tzannes Associates is located in a compact urban site in Sydney, Australia. Surrounded by gardens on all sides, the residence is a creative merger of open and enclosed spaces, always in close connection to the landscape: “The character of a house in a garden is immediately apparent through its soft presentation to the street with the only built structures being the entry gate and garage. The new house was positioned to maximize access to northern light. To achieve this, the home hugs the bent southern boundary and is split into two distinct wings around the point of rotation; formal and informal areas split with the kitchen acting as fulcrum between the two”, explained the architects.

The layout is characterized by continuity and transparency: “A dialogue is established between the two components of the house: the entertaining or public space, a large double height interior with fireplace, dining and seating areas, and the more intimate private zone for family use, which include a family room, bedrooms upstairs and a study/nanny’s room or grandmother’s apartment with its own bathroom downstairs.” The presence of wood ensures an inviting feeling throughout. White is the predominant color in all the interiors; as you look through glass openings, the white wall-frames seem to highlight the raw beauty of the surrounding landscape. [Photography by Michael Nicholson]